Tenth Edition: The Invisible College “For The Goddess”

Finally here!  After a very long period of compilation, the 10th edition has arrived.

We are so excited! Stellar writings, poetry, and a beautiful abundance of art. A landmark edition, in several ways, from the standpoint of being the 10th edition of this ongoing project, to the breadth of talent displayed within. Here is a chance to have a bit of artistic herstory grace your coffee table!

(I would like to thank Rowan Spiers-Floyd for sorting out the Indesign havoc and hiccups!)


We have reached a landmark! 10th edition of the Invisible College Review, “For The Goddess”
Our first all woman offering, showcasing some amazing talents:

Laura Pendell was the first poet that we featured in The Invisible College.  It is our deep honour to have her works grace our pages again! Beautiful works from a period of transition in: The Rites Of Poetry

Hannah Yata, we have long held her art in high esteem.  One of the younger artists making an impact on the Visionary/Surrealist scene, her works are highly evocative, and unique: Sweet Surrealism

Shasta Fox, co-founder of Sonoran Song & Star Nootropics.  She has worked as a researcher and archivist of the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nations. Currently residing on the island of Hawaii  she shares her poetry with us: Poetics of Delight

Leana Alba, one of the early participants of the Woman’s Spiritual Movement in the SF Bay Area gives a herstory of the movement through her eyes and experiences from the late 70’s/early 80’s onward: A Return To The Goddess

Carrie Ann Baade, A Surreal/Narrative painter, whose art  has been exhibited from China, across the USA … brings an interesting eclectic visual mix with her paintings to The Invisible College: The Dialect of Angels

Holly Van Fleet, resides in Oregon with her wife, Angie and their standard poodle, Idgy.  Holly studied film, and music production in college, moving on to greater challenges and finding that she has a poetic self emerging in: Poetic Mesmerism

Kim Evans is a well established artist from Australia whose art has been exhibited world wide, and is in constant demand. She works primarily in acrylics, evoking the deep feminine in her: Dreamscapes

Hildegard Von Bingen Born in 1098 to a minor German aristocratic family, she took the veil and eventually became an Abbess.  She wrote some fabulous poetry, music and prose during her lifetime, detailing the enlightened path.  She had the respect of kings, clerics and popes along the way.  A spiritual force that still moves people to this day with her: Canticles Of Illumination


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