10th Edition “For The Goddess”

We have reached a landmark! 10th edition of the Invisible College Review, “For The Goddess”
Our first all woman offering, showcasing some amazing talents:

Laura Pendell (our first featured poetry, returning with new work!)
Shasta Fox
Holly Van Fleet

Leana Alba
Hildegard Von Bingen

Carrie Ann Baade
Kim Evans

You can get your copy via the menu above, or from this link:Tenth Edition: “For The Goddess”
We are very excited about this issue, charting new territories, and moving into the next iteration of The Invisible College Review.
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Invisible College 9th Edition!


Finally, after all of that wait!
Yet it was worth the wait. Watching the Review (Review now, not magazine) transform over time. Up to the last minute, edits going in, changes, images being changed out. The concept of theme, and definition of mission within the theme.
Heady times.

We think this is the best edition yet, 1/3 more pages 148 in total, without commercials, ads, that stuff. Pure Culture, Revelation, Art, Poetry, Articles.
Support the effort, the time has arrived.
The art work of such notables as Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa,Pascal Ferry, Noel Taylor
The in-depth articles of Alan Piper, P.D.Newman & Gwyllm Llwydd.
The Poetry of Dale Pendell, Michael Conner and more.

Bright Blessings,

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