Submission Guidelines

Upon reviewing submissions, Invisible College Magazine reserves the rights to accept or deny any submission we receive.   Submissions are reviewed based on their content, quality and relevance.

We will immediately decline a submission if we are emailed under a BCC, emailed to another magazine with our email CC’d or BCC’d, and/or images are sent within an email with no body/description.

Once submitting, you accept all the agreements on this page.

If you have a Submission:

Please fill out the form (below), with a brief outline of what you would like to submit.

  • Info about submitter (e.g. location, if represented by agency, specialties)
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  • Concept  (keep to 1-2 sentences)

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The Invisible College


“This world is like a mountain.
Your echo depends on you.
If you scream good things,
the world will give it back.
If you scream bad things,
the world will give it back.
Even if someone says badly about you,
speak well about him.
Change your heart to change the world.”
― Shams Tabrizi

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