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Notes On The Project:

Definition of hashish
: the concentrated resin from the flowering tops of female hemp plants (Cannabis sativa or C. indica) that is smoked, chewed, or drunk for its intoxicating effect — called also charas, hash; compare bhang, marijuana

This project started in all reality in 1975 when I first purchased the brilliant edition of “The Hasheesh Eater”  put together by Michael Horowitz (Timothy Leary’s Archivist) with the collage art from one of my great influences, Wilfried Sätty.  I stumbled upon it in a bookstore in Venice California, and it changed my life.  The writings combined with the art spoke deeply to me.  It has been my constant companion ever since.  The combination of written word, image meshed brilliantly in my mind

At that time, Hashish (Hasheesh) was my go to mode of inner exploration.  Fitz Hugh Ludlow’s writing mirrored some of the experiences I was going through; exploring heavens, harrowing hells, being transported to distant lands.  I remember vividly in one of my own visions of sitting in a desert with a blazing sun setting in the west with the sounds of caravan bells passing just beyond my vision.

This project came out of those moments, but is in its own way a homage to Michael & Wilfried’s work and the influence it had on me.  I wanted to re-introduce Ludlow’s brilliant volume to our times.  There are versions of the book out there, but not like this one I posit.

I have been assembling it over the last two years, with Diane Darling helping to edit the first draft. It has been revised several times since,  as other of Ludlow’s other writings were added,  along with additional artwork.

The artwork is a major component of the book, along with the layout; all of it is designed to flow with the unfolding story, and it also mirrors my own explorations over the years.

Although a much shortened version of this project has been picked up by publishers, I wanted to offer the Folio and the extended Edition Book to friends who might enjoy it.

Gwyllm – 2018

About The Artist:

Gwyllm Llwydd has long swum through the seas of Art & Entheogensia. His early artistic influences were Willifred Sätty, Max Ernst, Rick Griffin and various schools of Buddhist Mandala Art.

He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family and is currently working on art, publishing projects such as this one and of course the “The Invisible College Magazine”.

He has a long running blog, “The Hares Tale/aka Turfing” (15 years and counting!) and being involved with the developing online community associated with the site and list…

He sincerely believes that community, art, love, and opening up your mind are part of the puzzle (among many) to a Brave New World.