Hasheesh Eater: Original Configuration:

This is the edition that started the whole ball of wax… 

The Book: The Hasheesh Eater, Complete
Foreword: Mike Crowley (author of The Secret Drugs of Buddhism)

From The Archives:
Chronology Of The Life Of Fitz Hugh Ludlow
Reviews Of “The Hasheesh Eater” (From the 1850’s on)
What Shall The Do to be Saved?
The Apocalypse Of Hasheesh
The Vision of Hasheesh – Bayard Taylor

200 Pages & 25 Original Illustrations by Gwyllm

The original book can be delivered to you in two ways:
Directly from the publisher, postage included (USA Only, Sorry)
With Autograph; (book gets shipped to me, I sign it and ship to you)


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