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8th edition
The Invisible College 8th Edition!
Art, Poetry & Literature from:
Art: Maria Isabela Hartz
Art: Liba Waring Stambollion
Article: Alan Piper
Article: PD Newman
Interview: Casey Hardison interviewed by Dr. Con
Poetry: Cliff Anderson
Poetry: Michael Conner
In Memory Of Jim Harter
Hashish Use, 19th Century Sources
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Remembering Jim Harter :
Jim Harter
The Invisible College 8th Edition is dedicated to Jim Harter, who worked with us for the last 3 editions, and whose contributions to The Invisible College Magazine He passed away this fall, leaving a wonderful legacy of art, historic visual scholarship, and was one of the moving forces in the modern Surrealist & Visionary schools of art.

Our “Remembering Jim Harter” article has recollections from many of Jim’s friends and associates including:
Ed Conroy: “Recollections of Jim Harter”
Bryce Milligan: “On Jim Harter”
Philip Rubinov Jacobson
Michael Leach: “Immortality”
Patrick Ray Dunn
Dan Hillier
Gwyllm Llwydd

Liba Waring Stambollion Art Works: The Creative Drive
liba 1
Liba, a graduate from the Art Institute of Chicago, residing in Paris France since 1993 where she paints, writes, makes books and designs furniture, erotica, and sacred art. One of her publications, The Encyclopedia Of Fernal Affairs details the emerging Visionary and Moderern Surrealist schools of art, and was itself part of a traveling exhibition across continents and border. She lives with her husband and two sons.


Alan Piper: “A 1920’s Harvard Psychedelic Circle with a Mormon Connection: Peyote Use amongst the Harvard Aesthetes”
Alan Piper returns with a fascinating paper on psychedelic use early in the 20th century, weaving a fascinating tale. Alan is also the author of “Strange Drugs make for Strange Bedfellows: Ernst Juner, Albert Hofmann and the Politics of Psychedelics” which was published last summer by The Invisible College Publications.



Dr. Concrescence & Casey Hardison: “A Conversation With Casey”
caseyjuris A wild, free ranging interview with Casey Hardison conducted by Dr. Concresescence. Casey Hardison and Dr. Con cover a gamut of topics related to psychedelics, chemistry, philosophy. Quite the ride!

Casey William Hardison (born July 5, 1971) is an American chemist and self-described medical anthropologist convicted in the United Kingdom in 2005 of six offenses under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 involving psychedelic drugs: three of production, two of possession, and one of exportation. He is seen as an exemplar for the entheogenic movement. “If freedom is the being of consciousness, consciousness ought to exist as consciousness of freedom.” – Jean-Paul Sarte, Being and Nothingness (1943) Summary

Dr. Concrescence, a voodoo priest and student, poet/writer, currently resides in the wilds of upper New York. His “The Heaping Up Of Small Things” poetry book published by Invisible College Publications a few years back will soon be republished in an expanded format, with new poems and articles.

Cliff Anderson: “Poetry”
Cliff pic

Cliff Anderson, late of the San Francisco Bay Area now resides in Oklahoma musing on the nature of the universe, his inner verse and all things inbetween. Intrepid explorer of the hidden mysteries par excellence.



PD. Newman: “Psilocybe Cubensis: A Worthy Candidate For The Plilosopher’s Stone – Count Cagliostro’s Libation of Acacia And The Herb Rue Of The Irwins’ Fratres Lucis”

PD. Newman is a well known writer involved and documenting various aspects of Masonic ritual. He is also a musician, and a producer and currently resides in Memphis with his family. We hope to feature more of his writings in the future with The Invisible College Magazine.



Michael Conner: “Hunger & Other Poems”

Michael Conner, originally from Los Angeles, has traveled through Europe extensively, living mostly in London & Paris. He now resides on the coastal region of the North West. Michael & his wife have spent the last 20 years working with high-need children who suffer with multiple diagnoses and require a high layer of care. Michael’s interest in poetry began at the age of 16 and has been a life long passion in exploring language and creativity.


Maria Isabela Hartz: “The Dreaming”
We are honored to have the art of Maria Isabela Hartz in this issue. She has lived a spirited life illuminated with inspiration, learning teaching and healing. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she has devoted her life to art. A student for of the piritual leader Padrinho Sebastiao of the Santo Daime tradition she brings a wonderful sense of light and being into her art. She has taught along side Alex Grey and Pablo Amaringo.


Gwyllm Llwydd: “Publisher, Editor”
gl 1
Gwyllm brought The Invisible College Magazine to life back in 2006-7 with the encouragement of Robert Venosa & Martina Hoffmann. The first 2 editions were online PDF’s. The magazine has grown into a publishing house since then. Gwyllm pursues his art in Portland Oregon, where he lives with his family. His works are sold throughout the world, graces CD’s, magazines, etc. He has recently taken up a life long goal of giving talks on Art and its relationship to personal and spiritual evolution.



I have phrases and whole pages memorized,
but nothing can be told of love.
You must wait until you and I
are living together.
In the conversation we’ll have
then…be patient…then.
– Rumi
From Essential Rumi Translated by Coleman Bark


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A journal exploring the Emerging World Culture, Poetry, Visionary Arts, Interviews, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Entheogenic Investigations, Spiritual Adventures laying the ground for the society of tomorrow.

The Invisible College Magazine 7th Edition is full of wonderful art, writing, commentary, poetry & reviews.  110 pages, free of all advertisement!

Included inside is a cornucopia of delights:

Jim Harter‘s article on Johfra (Johfra Bosschart) explores the fantastic art and career of perhaps the apex of Surrealist & and Visionary expression in the last century. As a collage artist and painter Jim has wandered the world in search of enlightenment and images. He is an “image archivist,” a self-defined profession which has produced fifteen major collections of engravings and rotogravures from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries for Dover and several other publishers.



Bruce Rimell is a visionary artist based in Leeds-Bradford in the UK whose vibrant work springs from the alchemy of his own personal visions, sensations of archaeological or mythological prehistories, and migraine experiences since childhood. Rendered in a vivid style which as much recalls Aboriginal textures, Mayan codices and Minoan frescoes as it does graffiti art, psychedelic experience and surrealist forms, his art occupies a space somewhere between painting, drawing and illustration, and a time somewhere between the ancestral past and the shamanic future.


Mike Maki’s article, “I was born for these times” completes his tale begun in the 4th edition, where he penned “The Flowery Path: One Man’s Journey” in which he wrote about his involvement with Entheogens etc., which leads to this… Mike was arrested in 2011 for the sale of psilocybin bearing mushrooms.  He is now in custody serving his sentence out in Federal Prison.  This article goes deeper, much deeper.



Alan Piper’s “Gabriel Rossetti and the Secret History of Europe” talks about the connection of secret societies and the arts in early 19th century Europe. Alan’s examination of Gabriel Rossetti is well researched, and the net that he cast turns up all kinds of interesting information across a wide spectrum of disciplines.  Alan joins us for this issue, and hopefully for more along the way!



From our featured artist Aloria Weaver & David Heskin we have a wonderful journey exploring their artistic partnership. As part of the Visionary School, Aloria & David express some of the finer modalities of the movement. Their use of colour and playfulness are very captivating.  They are now involved with the founding of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art!



Mike Hughes “Invocation of the Incisor Part 1. is the beginning of a series of tales he will bring to The Invisible College over the next few issues. There are two short stories in his first offering, and we think you will be delighted with his tales.




Nemo Bocko brings his unique art to this edition; exploring the occult & the erotic aspects of the visionary world. His take on art is in stark contrast to the mainstream of the visionary school, he brings humour, and hidden streams to the forefront.




We have another outing with Novalis, (Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg) the German Hermeticist who died at an early age, but whose writings & poetry have inspired generations of hermeticist, and other seekers since his passing. We feature his “Hymns To The Night” in this edition.


Some of the Art for the 7th Edition!  Lots more inside!


Additional art works provided by Beau Deeley, Jim Harter & Gwyllm Llwydd in this edition.

Beau Deeley explores the fractal universe in a very unique way, and Jim Harter brings us his superb collage works once more.

All in all, The Invisible College Magazine 7th Edition is an intense exploration of art, consciousness & poetry. A magazine for the cultural renaissance of our times.

 Quannah, The Prophet


©2017 Invisible College Publishing. All rights reserved.

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