From Gwyllm/April 3rd, 2020
Dear Beloveds:

We would like to share these Invisible College Review/Magazine Issues out to the world.  Feel free to view, and to download.  If you feel moved to, you may donate to help keeping the Invisible College Review/Magazine being published, but that is not a requirement.

The Invisible College was born out of a conversation that I had with Martina Hoffmann & the late Roberto Venosa back in 2006/7. I mentioned to them that I wanted to publish something that would speak to our times, and those that come after of the culture, and aesthetics of the new emerging world.  Martina & Roberto urged me to do it.  I took it to heart, and all the rest is her/history.  Our first 2 editions were PDF’s, and from the 3rd on were print on demand.  We are considering publishing the first two editions, but they would be slightly altered from originals, as the DPI (dots per inch) ratio were not done at printing scale. Just a thought.

To View/Download: Just click on the provided links. In Windows, the download option is in the upper right of the PDF being displayed when it opens. Not sure how that works in the Mac world.

We just published our 10th Edition, “For The Goddess”. It is a celebration of the feminine in art, poetry, and article.
You can find a copy at: Tenth Edition: The Invisible College “For The Goddess”

We are hoping to make the 1st & 2nd editions available in print in the future (with some modifications as the original format was not print formatted) along with others long out of print. Stay Tuned!

We hope you enjoy these. More editions will be made available in the future if there is a response.

Much Love,
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1st Edition:

IC 1st Edition
The Very 1st!
Poetry: Laura Pendell
Clark Heinrich
The Art Of Martina Hoffmann
Community Activist Muraco Kyashna-Tocha
Noodlemancy – Diane Darling
Two Tales – Will Penna
Oriental Jones – Mike Crowley
The Art of the Well Crafted Tale – Tim Daly
Spencer Moen’s Art
Gwyllm Llwydd
2nd Edition:

IC 2nd Edition
Doctor Concrescence
Ovidio Cartagena
Wendell King
The Art Of Roberto Venosa
Secret Recipes-Hofmann Symposium – Peter Webster
The Art Of The Well Crafte Tale Part2 – Tim Daly
Beltane – Diane Darling
Uncle Wyrdd’s-A Tour Of The Psychoactive Supermarket
Home Hashish Production – Ennio Rambo
Rena Jones; A Short Conversation
Kathleen Preissing & Her Art
The Art Of Bryan Ward
Fractal Art – Mike Crowley
Gwyllm Llwydd
3rd Edition:

IC 3th Edition
Allen Cohen & The San Francisco Oracle
Tomas Brawley
Aleister Crowley – Printed Edition Only (sorry!)
The Art Of A. Andrew Gonzalez
Notes From The Headland – Tim Daly
Entheogenic Activism
The Flowery Path
A Drum I’ll Never Mend – Chaffyn Lovejoy
Lughnassadh – Diane Darling
Summers Of Love – Will Penna
The Serpent and the Light – LyterPhotos
Visions of Frisco by Sätty – A Talk with Walter Maderos
“Semi God” The Art of Eddy Andres Millan
We Tribe – A photojournal of Modern Tribalism – Kyle Hailey
Dodie’s World Of Art
Gwyllm Llwydd
4th Edition:

IC 4th Edition
Michael Hoffman
A.E. (George William Russell)
The Bornless One (Hermetic Ceremony)
The Cracking Tower – Interview With Jim DeKorne
The Art of Maura Holden
Notes From The Headland – Tim Daly
Moon Daughter Muse – Padrice Stewart
The Serpent & The Light Part 2 – LyterPhotos
Entity Encounters-Stories From The Poison Path & From The Realm Of Faery – Compiled by Gwyllm Llwydd
Stevie Postman
Mike Crowley
Gwyllm Llwydd
5th Edition:

IC-5th Edition
An Introduction
The Journeybook:
The Metaphysical Cartography
Interview with Rak Razam
Clark Heinrich
Juris Ahn/Dr. Con
Four Fold Adoration
Photo Essay: A Visit With Albert Hoffman – Jon Hanna
Four Helpful Emotions – Mike Crowley
Shamanism & Magick Heal Elders & Yout – Will Penna
The Serpent And The Light Part 3 – LyterPhotos
Birth Of The Ganges – Padraic Colum
The Wondrous Art of Leo Plaw
The Art Of Amanda Sage
Gwyllm Llwydd
The Disciples at Saïs – Novalis
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